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About Me

Rosanna María Salcedo an educator, consultant, coach, and an emerging, self-taught artist. She works primarily with oil on canvas, and considers painting a spiritual practice that allows her to explore her hopes, fears, dreams, and subconscious. Her favorite themes explore womanhood in all its facets, and the sacred feminine, but in general she is inspired by magic, myth, spirituality, and the natural world.


Rosanna is a Latina of Dominican heritage, and a first-generation American, who writes and speaks about that experience. Rosanna María was born and raised in Washington Heights, New York City, and currently resides in Boston, MA.

You can learn more about her at rosannamariasalcedo.com

Abstract Lights

"Making art is a humble act that heals, inspires, and brings me joy. Take a look around. I hope you find something that inspires you too."

Rosanna María Salcedo, Visual Artist & Entreprenuer